how can I set the working directory in old version of docker in the run command?

I am a bit new to docker and I have been trying to run deploy a meteor container with my meteor application. I have been using the dockerfile and instructions from

However, I cant run docker run -p 3000:3000 -t -i -v /path/to/meteor/app:/opt/application -w /opt/application meteor-dev because my docker (version 0.5.3) does not recognize the flag (-w) to set the working directory.

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  • Is there some workaround to set the working directory with docker 0.5.3? The work directory is already set in the docker file, but I guess I need to set it again when I run the container.

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    well, my workaround was to create a bash script that would go to the working directory and call the commands one by one. I created the bash script where my source is located “/path/to/meteor/app” and call docker run -p 3000:3000 -t -i -v /path/to/meteor/app:/opt/application meteor-dev bash /opt/application/ with the bash as command and my script as argument

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