How can I run multiple statements using json array format for Docker ENTRYPOINT?

I need to set ulimit and sysctl before starting my service, so I have been doing the following in my ENTRYPOINT:

ulimit -n 4096; sysctl -p; start_service

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  • But it seems that if I want to use CMD as default arguments to ENTRYPOINT, I have to use the json array format.

    But I don’t know how to run multiple statements using the json array format.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “How can I run multiple statements using json array format for Docker ENTRYPOINT?”

    Simplest way is probably to execute it as a script (here start_service is replaced with a simple echo for testing)

    $ cat
    ulimit -n 4096; sysctl -p; echo $@
    $ cat Dockerfile
    FROM ubuntu
    COPY . /tmp
    CMD ["test"]
    ENTRYPOINT ["/tmp/"]
    $ docker build -t test .
    $ docker run test
    $ docker run test "hello world"
    hello world

    Remember to chmod 755 before building the container or the script won’t execute.

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