How can I push a war from windows system to boot2docker's VM tomcat webapp folder?

According to boot2docker docs:

The first of the following share names that exists (if any) will be automatically mounted at the location specified:

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    1. Users share at /Users
    2. /Users share at /Users
    3. c/Users share at /c/Users
    4. /c/Users share at /c/Users
    5. c:/Users share at /c/Users

    In my case I can see an automount for c:/Users. However how do i push a war from c:/Users to the tomcat webapp folder on the VM created by boot2docker.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “How can I push a war from windows system to boot2docker's VM tomcat webapp folder?”

    Use -v <host-dir>:<container-dir> option in docker run to share a directory between boot2docker’s filesystem and container’s filesystem. E.g.:

    docker run -v /Users:/war/folder tomcat

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