How can I prevent url re-writing in EventStore using Docker?

I’m trying to run a server (EventStore) in a Docker, in this case their own image. I’m running this image with the -P flag to assign external ports. (My usage makes specific port assignment impractical.)

When I start up EventStore’s image, port 2113 (their web port) is mapped to some high port, like 33125. If I enter (my_ip):33125 in my browser, it gets rewritten to something like (my_ip):2113/web/. Of course, outside the Docker port 2113 means nothing!

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  • One Solution collect form web for “How can I prevent url re-writing in EventStore using Docker?”

    You have faced a know issue. The docs says:

    Note : The admin UI and atom feeds will only work if you publish the node’s http port to a matching port on the host. (i.e. you need to run the container with -p 2113:2113)

    And this is the opened issue regarding that:

    It seems that is an internal check that EventStore does, so it’s very difficult to solve from outside the server code.

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