How can I pass build args with a remote image in docker-compose.yml?

I would like to pull a remote image from a private registry. The image’s dockerfile contains some args whose values would be populated via docker-compose.yml. For example:

version: '3.0'

        image: remoteApiImage
        image: remoteWebImage
                baseurl: http://remoteApiImage:80

Currently, this does not work as build requires a context. However, if I set a context, it expects a local Dockerfile. Even setting to . without a local Dockerfile will pull the remote image, but the build args are not passed properly.

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  • Is this possible?

    Note: I am using Windows Server 2016 containers. Not sure that is relevant to the issue.

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    As johnharris85 comment suggests, what you are trying to do is not possible. You cannot pull and image and then rebuild it (without the Dockerfile).

    If you are trying to specify arguments to an image then you would d this via environment variables. Otherwise, if you have the sources Dockerfile for the image, you can use the ARG function to specify arguments while rebuilding it yourself.

    build and image in the docker-compose.yml context are mutually exclusive.

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