How can I make docker-compose build an image from a remote git repository?

Docker-compose allows you to utilize either preƫxisting docker images or build from source. For the build option, the official reference requires

Either a path to a directory containing a Dockerfile, or a url to a git repository.

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  • I’d like to take advantage of the latter case, so that I don’t have to create a git submodule in my project, or register a new repository on Docker Hub. Unfortunately, there are no examples for how to format the url, and every form I’ve tried is mistaken for a relative file path.



    Fails with the error:

    ERROR: build path /{MY_CURRENT_PATH}/https:/ either does not exist or is not accessible.

    I didn’t have any more luck with the other forms I’ve tried:

    • git://

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “How can I make docker-compose build an image from a remote git repository?”

    Are you running version 1.5.2? It looks like this was actually recently added in Try upgrading.


    version: '2'
        image: "redis:3.2.3"
        hostname: redis
        command: --redis-host redis
          - "redis:redis"
          - 8081

    Tested with:

    $ docker-compose -v
    docker-compose version 1.11.2, build dfed245

    The file tests/unit/config/ shows:

    def test_valid_url_in_build_path(self):
        valid_urls = [

    This is confirmed with compose/config/

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