How can I Enable Unaccent for postgres in Docker-Compose?

I need to enable the accents for postgreSQL. This is my docker-compose.yml, but it doesn’t work. Any tips? Thank you.

  image: postgres
    - 5432
    DB_UNACCENT: true
  image: aboutsource/mailcatcher
    - "1080:1080"
  build: .
  command: passenger start --port 3000
    - .:/myapp
   - RAILS_ENV=development
    - "3000:3000"
    - "25:25"
    - "587:587"
    - db
    - mailcatcher

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  • One Solution collect form web for “How can I Enable Unaccent for postgres in Docker-Compose?”

    See my previous answer on that topic How to set the locale inside a Docker container?

    Adapt it with the correct locale for your need.

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