How can I boot a swarm of 50 machines with docker-machine?

I need to boot a bunch of ec2 instances (could be virtualbox instances, doesn’t matter) as a swarm. docker-machine seems to only work for doing one at a time, and that would take hours to boot 50 machines. I would like to boot the swarm master, and then in parallel boot the 49 swarm workers. This seems like a common use case, but docker-machine has no parameter I can find for the number of instances to boot.

How can I do this? Do I need to just script it myself?

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    What you’re looking for is configuration management software. Chef, Ansible, Terraform and their competitors were created to deploy and manage clusters like this.

    Docker-machine is great for running containers on my MacBook, but not so great for deploying cloud infrastructure. Look into deploying your swarm into Auto-Scaling Groups with the configuration management tool of your choice.

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