Heroku docker:release: Expected response to be successful, got 422

heroku docker:release
Successfully built b240d9d7bf11
extracting slug from container...
creating remote slug...
language-pack: heroku-docker (ojobot_conda)
remote process types: { web: 'cd /app/user && node server.js' }
uploading slug [====================] 100% of 578 MB, 0.0s
releasing slug...
! Error: Expected response to be successful, got 422

Not sure what to do next at this point. Any help is welcome.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Heroku docker:release: Expected response to be successful, got 422”

    From Heroku, 422 means:

    422 Unprocessable Entity    invalid_params  
                                request failed, validate parameters try again
    422 Unprocessable Entity    verification_needed     
                                request failed, enter billing information in the Heroku Dashboard before utilizing resources.

    So double-check your parameters embedded in your slug (the snapshot of your application code that is ready to run on the platform)

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