Get status of an ongoing docker image pull

How to get status of a running docker pull process? I tried pulling busybox with sudo docker pull busybox . But no status is being displayed. On issuing another pull request after a ctrl+c it says that image is already being pulled by another client.Also I tried cancelling the ongoing pull and I couldnt here is a bug report regarding the issue.

$sudo docker pull busybox
Repository busybox already being pulled by another client. Waiting.

How can I display the progress of an ongoing docker pull?

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    This wasn’t available at the time the question was asked (2015)

    Now, if you run the same docker pull in two windows you see the same status, i.e. which layers are being downloaded, how far it got, etc.

    If you kill just one of those two docker pull commands, the other one carries on.

    If you kill the last client that requested a pull, the pull operation terminates.

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    This is a proposed feature of Docker. See ongoing discussion at

    My proposal is as follows.

    • docker pull --list to list all the current running docker pulls
    • docker pull --resume to resume a given pull
    • docker pull --rm to remove a given pull

    I think you are behind a proxy. If so, you have to stop docker and start it by the following command

    sudo HTTP_PROXY=http://<ip of proxy server:port> docker -d & 

    unset http_proxy and export http_proxy did not work for me while working with docker.

    restart the docker-machine or boot2docker
    or service docker restart

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