Get Docker application link into pm2

I have a problem connecting from my twitterservice to rabbitmq. When I run everything locally, it works perfectly. As soon as I use it with docker-compose, twitterservice doesn’t seem to be able to connect to rabbit. Error is eventually produced:

Socket closed abruptly during opening handshake.

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  • The Mongo Part works btw.

    I have my docker-compose.yml file:

        version: '2'
        build: ./workerTwitter
          - mongodb:mongolink
          - rabbitmq:rabbitlink
          - "8080:8080"
          - mongodb
          - rabbitmq
        image: mongo:latest
          - "27017:27017"
          - mongo-data:/var/lib/mongo
        command: mongod
        image: rabbitmq:management
          - '15672:15672'
        driver: local

    Which launches perfectly.

    My pm2 processes.json:

        "apps": [
                "name": "twitter-service",
                "script": "./src",
                "merge_logs": true,
                "max_restarts": 40,
                "restart_delay": 10000,
                "instances": 1,
                "max_memory_restart": "200M",
                "env": {
                    "PORT": 8080,
                    "NODE_ENV": "production",
                    "MONGO_DB": "mongodb://mongolink:27017/",
                    "RABBIT_MQ": "amqp://rabbitlink:15672/",

    When my application launches it doesn’t connect to Rabbit, because it seems to be missing the right link (IP). I can access the Rabbit management console and can see that there are now ques created How can I access the generated app from within the processes.json?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Get Docker application link into pm2”

    The problem was that the app was trying to connect to rabbit before it was properly started and also on a wrong port. Port 5672 was the right one.

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