gem: command not found

I have bash file which build gem files and launch my program:

cd /src/stackify-api
rm *.gem
gem build stackify.gemspec
gem install stackify-0.1.0.gem

cd /src/stackify-classificator
rm *.gem
gem build stackify-classificator.gemspec
gem install stackify-classificator-0.1.1.gem

cd /src/bin
ruby console-task.rb

I use it in the docker container. It works fine if I launch the container interactively and run this bash-file manually:

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  •  ~ » docker run -it -v /mnt/lacie/online/btsync/development:/src stack_rvm /bin/bash              
    root@898cec6a7d85:/# /src/ 
      Successfully built RubyGem
      Name: stackify
      Version: 0.1.0
      File: stackify-0.1.0.gem

    But when I am trying to launch this script in the docker like this I get the error message:

     ~ » docker run -it -v /mnt/lacie/online/btsync/development:/src stack_rvm /bin/bash /src/
    /src/ line 5: gem: command not found

    Why and how can I fix it ?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “gem: command not found”

    I have found the answer – use -c -l:

    ~ » docker run -it -v /mnt/lacie/online/btsync/development:/src stack_rvm /bin/bash -c -l /src/
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