GELF logging driver with Windows Containers

I’m trying get an ELK stack up (Elastic Search, Logstash and Kibana) and would like to get the GELF logging driver to forward events to Logstash, however whenever I run my container with the specified driver I get docker: Error response from daemon: logger: no log driver named 'gelf' is registered. even though I’m on 1.12.2-cs2-ws-beta. Is there a way to get this working on Windows Server 2016?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “GELF logging driver with Windows Containers”

    The supported log drivers section does list GELF (Graylog Extended Log Format), but by default on docker for Linux (so within a Linux VM on other platforms)

    The official GELF documention does recommend in its installation page

    Some modern Linux distribution (Debian Linux, Ubuntu Linux, or CentOS recommended)

    So a Windows server 2016 might not include a Graylog server in its Docker.

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