gcsfuse gives a Input/output error when reading or writing to mounted directory in docker

I am using gcsfuse within a docker container (base image centos7) and am not able to read or write to the mounted directory.

I am mounting the directory with gcsfuse like this:

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  • [root@6c24c3a6cc28 /]# gcsfuse --foreground --key-file=/src/gcloud_service_account.json my-bucket /gcloud/
    Using mount point: /gcloud
    Opening GCS connection...
    Opening bucket...
    Mounting file system...
    File system has been successfully mounted.

    When I try and read or write to the mounted directory, I get this error:
    [root@6c24c3a6cc28 /]# ls -la /gcloud/
    ls: reading directory /gcloud/: Input/output error
    total 0

    gcsfuse prints out debug info saying:

    fuse: 2016/01/14 01:33:41.110260 *fuseops.ReadDirOp error: readAllEntries: ReadEntries: ListObjects: Get https://www.googleapis.com/storage/v1/b/my-bucket/o? delimiter=%2F&projection=full: private key should be a PEM or plain PKSC1 or PKCS8; parse error: asn1: structure error: tags don’t match (16 vs {class:1 tag:27 length:123 isCompound:true}) {optional:false explicit:false application:false defaultValue: tag: stringType:0 timeType:0 set:false omitEmpty:false} pkcs1PrivateKey @2

    I am running docker like this:
    docker run -p 3000:3000 \

    –privileged \

    –cap-add SYS_ADMIN \

    –device /dev/fuse \

    –name gcsfuseTest \


    I am not 100% certain what –cap-add SYS_ADMIN and –device /dev/fuse get me. I put them in based on other users who are mounting using fuse on docker.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “gcsfuse gives a Input/output error when reading or writing to mounted directory in docker”

    I was able to figure this out by turning on some debug flags when running gcsfuse like this:

    gcsfuse --foreground --debug_gcs --debug_http --debug_fuse --debug_invariants --key-file=/src/gcloud_service_account.json dev-my-bucket /gcloud

    This returned lots of info, along with this:

    “code”: 403,
    “message”: “Access Not Configured. The API (Cloud Storage JSON API) is not enabled for your project. Please use the Google Developers Console to update your configuration.”

    I enabled this API within the Google Devlopers Console, then after a couple minutes, vuala, it worked.

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