File not getting updated when using “docker cp”

I am trying to use docker cp to copy .class files from my host into the container. I am using the following command:

docker cp foo.class container:/path/foo.class

I am doing this when the server running inside the container is shutdown.

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  • However, I am seeing that the foo.class isn’t getting updated with my latest file and if I try to rm the file I get a

    rm: cannot remove foo.class: Stale file handle

    Here is my docker version (Docker for Mac):

    docker version
    Version:      1.13.0
    API version:  1.25
    Go version:   go1.7.3
    Git commit:   49bf474
    Built:        Wed Jan 18 16:20:26 2017
    OS/Arch:      darwin/amd64
     Version:      1.13.0
     API version:  1.25 (minimum version 1.12)
     Go version:   go1.7.3
     Git commit:   49bf474
     Built:        Wed Jan 18 16:20:26 2017
     OS/Arch:      linux/amd64
     Experimental: true

    Anyone seen this happen?


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