Fail to expose my pod to the internet

I have tried some example to run a specific image on my kubernetes cluster, I did this command:

kubectl run my-nginx --image=nginx --replicas=2 --port=80


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    and when I go:

    kubectl get service

    I get:

    NAME         LABELS                                    SELECTOR       IP(S)         PORT(S)
    kubernetes   component=apiserver,provider=kubernetes   <none>      443/TCP
    my-nginx     run=my-nginx                              run=my-nginx   80/TCP

    now, I have a cluster that I created with my kubernetes, and onw I want to put something in my browser and see the landing page of nginx…

    I tried to put my master machine ip with port 80 in the end and it didnt work, what should I do?

    describe svc:

    Name:           my-nginx
    Namespace:      default
    Labels:         run=my-nginx
    Selector:       run=my-nginx
    Type:           LoadBalancer
    LoadBalancer Ingress:
    Port:           <unnamed>   80/TCP
    NodePort:       <unnamed>   31331/TCP
    Session Affinity:   None
    No events.

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