External access to Node.JS app, within Docker container

i have a Node app running within a Docker container, hosted on Elastic Beanstalk (single instance). The docker has port 3000 exposed to access the app within the docker, and I can ‘curl’ from the host which returns the expected response.

The problem I have is accessing this port externally using the elastic beanstalk url. i.e

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  • http://XXXXXX-env.elasticbeanstalk.com:3000/test

    This will time out.. can anyone recommend how to gain access to this port externally?


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  • One Solution collect form web for “External access to Node.JS app, within Docker container”

    Check this for reference

    see what your docker ps command returns.

    The ip you have shared looks like private ip address of the docker service used for internal network. You have to enable a bridge between your host and docker container by supplying -p 3000:3000 to the run command and finally enable the app in your elastic console.

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