Expose and publish a port with specified host port number inside Dockerfile

Suppose for example that I want to make an SSH host in Docker. I understand that I can EXPOSE 22 inside Dockerfile. I also understand that I can use -p 22222:22 so I can SSH into that Docker container from another physical machine on my LAN on port 22222 as ssh my_username@docker_host_ip -p 22222:22. But suppose that I’m so lazy that I can’t be bothered to docker run the container with the option -p 22222:22 every time. Is there a way that the option -p 22222:22 can be automated in a config file somewhere? InDockerfile` maybe?

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    You can use docker compose

    You can defind listening port in docker-compose.yml file as below:

    version: '2'
        image: ubuntu
        build: .
        command: ssh ....
          - .:/code
          - "22222:22"
          - web
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