export the IBM Docker container images in the registry

My aim is to show the portability of docker, and thus being able to export docker container images from the registry/repository to an external docker user.

I can perfectly pull the image from the machine with ICE CLI installed, and authentication (ice login passed), but if I use an other machine, the command docker pull registry-ice.ng.bluemix.net/ibmnode or docker pull registry-ice.ng.bluemix.net/kapi/nginx-test, I get the same result : authentication required.

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  • My question is : is it possible to allow some docker images to be available for everyone, without authentication ?

    I can obviously pull the image from the machine with ice logged in, and then re-export/push it, but it is not the easiest way.

    Has anyone an idea, on how to do this ?
    Thanks for reading

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  • One Solution collect form web for “export the IBM Docker container images in the registry”

    As you discovered, IBM Containers currently requires a Bluemix authentication token when connecting to the Bluemix container registry. There is not a public registry where anyone can pull images.

    But your idea is interesting and we could look into providing some public images on a public registry. For now, you will need to sign in.

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