Export of locally available Docker image to local file system

Is it possible:

  • export of locally available image to local file system ?
  • import of local file of image to local docker repository, which is not available before the operation ?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Export of locally available Docker image to local file system”

    You can use docker save yournamespace/yourimage:label > image.tar.gz to save your image to a local tar.gz file.

    You can then re-import it and set a new tag pointing to your repository with cat yourimage.tar.gz | docker import - yourrepository:5000/yournamespace/yourimage:label.

    Then you can push it to your local docker repository called repository with a simple docker push yourrepository:5000/yournamespace/yourimage:label.

    EDIT: Keep in mind that volumes are not included in the tar.gz file!

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