etcd api on CoreOS – setting ip address configurations remotely

I am attempting to use etcd‘s remote api to configure a coreOS box remotely with static values like ip address, dns resolve address, gateway, ect.

I theory I should be able to file something like:

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  • curl -X PUT “” -d value=

    But i can’t find a reference to the exact syntax to use.

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    etcd doesn’t handle configuration of the host system. It is a distributed key / value store. It can certainly store configuration for applications and maybe even the host. But you have need some other tool to pull the data from the store and transform it into configuration that the application or host recognizes. The application I use to do this inside Docker containers is confd (

    For configuration of the CoreOS host, you would generally be using Cloud-Config ( and writing unit files to deal with certain parts of the system, such as networking ( Hope this helps!

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