Error while configuring UCP replica

I have installed UCP master on a node and able to login using admin/orca

The UCP admin fingerprint is as below

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  • 23:B9:9E:08:B5:67:73:0A:C7:17:07:76:56:B2:F3:D2:73:CE:B5:74

    Now, I am trying to configure UCP replica on a separate node using the following command

    docker run --rm -i --env UCP_ADMIN_USER=admin --env UCP_ADMIN_PASSWORD=orca -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock --name ucp docker/ucp join --replica --url --san --fingerprint 23:B9:9E:08:B5:67:73:0A:C7:17:07:76:56:B2:F3:D2:73:CE:B5:74

    After I run the above command, I am getting the following error:

    ERRO[0102] Orca didn't come up within 1m0s.  Run "docker logs ucp-controller" for more details
    FATA[0102] Unable to connect to system

    Please help me resolve the error

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