Error: unknown shorthand flag: 'r' in -r

I want to use delegates with DOCKER CONTENT TRUST. I generated the delegate.crt/key on the collaborator’s machine and now I am trying to rotate the snapshot key with:

notary key rotate localhost:5000/ubuntu snapshot -r

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  • => Error: unknown shorthand flag: ‘r’ in -r
    notary key rotate [ GUN ] [flags]

    Thank you in advanced!

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “Error: unknown shorthand flag: 'r' in -r”

    (Disclaimer: I know zilch about Docker Notary, so this might be completely bogus)

    According to the Notary documentation:

    The root and targets key must be locally managed – to rotate either
    the root or targets key, for instance in case of compromise, use the
    notary key rotate command without the -r flag. The timestamp key must
    be remotely managed – to rotate the timestamp key use the notary key
    rotate timestamp -r command.

    So I’d guess you’re trying to use a non-locally managed root or targets key which apparently is not supported.

    Had “unknown shorthand flag: ‘r’ in -rm” error but due bad argument, not that I wanted delegation.


    $ docker run --rm busybox echo hello world 


    unknown shorthand flag: 'r' in -rm

    The correct parameter is --rm two dashes.

    $ docker run --rm busybox echo hello world 

    the –rm flag that can be passed to docker run which automatically
    deletes the container once it’s exited from.


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