Error: ./ts3server: not found

I’m trying to make an Teamspeak image running on Alpine linux but am honest not sure why docker says

./ts3server: not found

This is the Github page with the Dockerfile code:

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  • Container log:

    /opt/teamspeak3-server_linux_amd64/ line 8: ./ts3server: not found

    Anyone know’s what am doing wrong? I think a did something wrong with the extracting part but am not sure.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Error: ./ts3server: not found”

    The ts3server binary in your image looks like it was built against glibc, but it is unable to find the appropriate runtime loader on the filesystem.

    You can see this by running ldd /opt/teamspeak/ts3server, which reports:

    Error loading shared library
    No such file or directory (needed by ts3server)

    This is the direct cause of your error.

    I see that you’re starting with the skardoska/alpine-glibc image, which sounds like maybe it was designed to provide a standard glibc environment to Alpine linux, but the image does not appear to have been constructed in a way that is compatible with your binaries. Looking at the description at, it appears this may be a known problem, because the description says, “Waiting for“.

    You may be better off just starting with a glibc based distribution like Fedora or Ubuntu.

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