Error: Status 404 trying to push repository busybox

I tried to push signed images from a machine (A) to a registry on another machine (B).

docker tag busybox:latest ubuntu:5005/busybox:latest

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  • docker push ubuntu:5005/busybox:latest

    The push refers to a repository [ubuntu:5005/busybox] …. Error: Status 404 trying to push repository busybox … .

    telnet ubuntu 5005

    telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused

    Are there any extra settings in order to push signed images on a diff machine. Or just to push without signing? Thanks a lot!

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    If you can’t reach this, make sure your ports are properly exposed on the machine and that your networking resolves “ubuntu” to your newest machine correctly.

    It’s probable Machine A has no rule allowing ubuntu to resolve to <machine B>.

    Make sure you docker login as well once you verify this, too.

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