Error starting Windows docker container with managed service account

I’m trying to test out docker containers running with a domain credential and I’m following these instructions from Microsoft Docs. I have created the Group MSA, which I’m pretty sure I’ve done correctly as I can run other services on my local computer using it.

I’m testing on a Windows 10 PC, running hyper-v docker containers.

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  • I have built an image called sqltest. When I run the following, the container does evey as expected:

    docker run -it sqltest

    I tried creating active directory credentials using this command:

    New-CredentialSpec -Name developerpcsql -AccountName developerpcsql

    Calling Get-CredentialSpec confirms that the json file is created as expected, and it looks right when I open the file.

    To run the container, I’m using:

    docker run -it --security-opt "credentialspec=file://developerpcsql.json" sqltest

    When I do that, it takes about 30 seconds and then I get the following error:

    Error response from daemon: container d97082fab98c0205c0072b0a8b79fb7835c8e90828498428b976e378762cc412 encountered an error during Start: failure in a Windows system call: The operation timed out because a response was not received from the Virtual Machine hosting the Container. (0xc0370109).

    To confirm it’s not my container I’ve also tried using the standard microsoft/servercore container and get the same error.

    Any ideas on what I’m missing?

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