Error run scrapy after install docker

I want to crawl from dynamic content using scrapy. I get from the internet that I must install docker. But after installing it, I always get error when I run:

scrapy runspider

or other scrapy command. Then I uninstall docker. But the error is still showed. This is the error:
enter image description here

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  • then I try to install pypiwin32, there is an error too:enter image description here

    How to solve it?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Error run scrapy after install docker”

    Maybe it’s just a permission denied because pip is trying to set files in a directory which need more privileges.

    Try to run your console with administration privileges and executing:

    pip install pypiwin32

    Then try again to run your script, without admin privileges.


    If you don’t want to run cmd as admin, you could try something like:

    python -m pip install pypiwin32

    But I’m not sure if it will work.

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