Error installing cafe with a Dockerfile

I’m trying to install caffe through this Dockerfile ->

I’m building a docker on a machine with the following command: user@maquina:/homeLocal/hugo/docker1/dl-dockerāŸ« docker build -t floydhub/dl-docker:gpu -f Dockerfile.gpu .

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  • However, during construction, the following error occurs:

      The command '/bin/sh -c git clone -b ${CAFFE_VERSION} --depth 1 /root/caffe &&        cd /root/caffe &&     cat python/requirements.txt | xargs -n1 pip install &&   mkdir build && cd build &&      cmake -DUSE_CUDNN=1 -DBLAS=Open .. &&   make -j"$(nproc)" all &&       make install' returned a non-zero code: 123

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