ERROR : HTTP request response time

I’ll explain a bit my situation, i actually have an architecture of a client+gateway+server, i’m trying to send a dataset from the client side to the server side, and it needs to get through the gateway to get encrypted, so that it’ll be stored syphered. I’m using HElib (Homomorphic Encryption lib).

The client side is with Angular2 and the backend is with GoLang, and i am using a docker container for each service, means that i’m having a:

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    • Client container

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    The issue i’m facing now is this one, when i’m sending the dataset from the client to the server, it gets through the gateway (everything is fine till now), and it called the encryption container to encrypt each data from the dataset, the problem that i’m having is that the encryption container exits with code 139, and sometimes it showes me an error like this before exiting: fftRep: inconsistent use.

    The thing is that when i put a brecking point after each request, everypthing is working, means that the problem is from the numerous requests sent to the encryption container, forcing him to stop.

    Here is my Angular2 Code:
    The breaking point i put is in line :

    for(var i = 0;i<this.DataSet.length;i++){
            var myTrainingData = new TrainingData;
              myTrainingData.sepal_length = String(this.DataSet[i][0]);
              myTrainingData.sepal_width = String(this.DataSet[i][1]);
              myTrainingData.petal_length =String(this.DataSet[i][2]);
              myTrainingData.petal_width = String(this.DataSet[i][3]);
              myTrainingData.species = String(this.DataSet[i][4]);
              if(this.treatState == true){
                        data => {
                            this.treatState = false;
                            this.loading = false;
                              this.alertService.success("Training done !"+i);
                                this.alertService.error("Error in training phase !");
                              this.loading = false;
                      error => {
                            this.loading = false;
                      this.treatState = true;

    What i need is to make a request wait till the previous one is treated and the client got the response “success” back before launching it.

    I put the var “treatState” to temp the launch of a request till the previous one is finished, but it doesn’t seem to work as expected.

    If someone can help, i’ll be thankful.

    Have a nice day

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