ERROR: (gcloud.preview) Invalid choice: 'docker'. Did you mean 'dm-v2'?

Somehow I was able to push my docker image to Google Container Registry with command:

    $ gcloud preview docker push<my-project-xxx>/<my-image-yyy>

I ran the commands yesterday and copied them to my notes, but today pasting them to terminal in the same order I get the error:

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  • ERROR: (gcloud.preview) Invalid choice: ‘docker’. Did you mean ‘dm-v2’?

    Why is that? where did teh “gcloud preview docker” command are then?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “ERROR: (gcloud.preview) Invalid choice: 'docker'. Did you mean 'dm-v2'?”

    From the release notes 0.9.65 (2015/06/17):

    gcloud preview docker moved to gcloud docker.

    The command was moved out of preview in the latest version of gcloud. You can run it with:

    gcloud docker push<my-project-xxx>/<my-image-yyy>
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