Error 137 on docker build command on Win7

Executing the following command:

docker build -m 3g --memory-swap -1 -f MyDockerfile .

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  • And I’m getting this:

    Solving package specifications: .....Killed
    The command '/bin/sh -c conda update -y --all &&     conda install -y -c menpo m
    enpo &&     conda install -y -c menpo menpofit &&     conda install -y -c menpo
    menpodetect &&     conda install -y -c menpo dlib &&     conda install -y -c men
    po opencv3 &&     conda install -y joblib &&     pip install pyprind &&     pip
    install colorlog' returned a non-zero code: 137

    From googling, my understanding is that the OS is killing my running process here due to running out of memory. I have 8gb on my host machine, and I can see that I am not going over 4gb used. I added the memory switches above, to no discernible effect.

    Since I’m running this on Win7 and the older docker toolbox, am I being limited by Oracle’s VM VirtualBox?

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