Enterprise Apps with Docker and Elastic Beanstalk

I’m new to Docker and EB but not AWS. I’ve worked in environments where dedicated tenancy is a requirement, whether due to HIPPA or some other data protection requirements.

So far as I can tell, in order to deploy a Docker image, you must use Beanstalk, which means you aren’t able to have a dedicated tenancy. I found this forum question that says if you create a VPC, you can have a dedicated Beanstalk. Is this correct? If so, will it work with Docker? If so any guides would be helpful.

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    Have you looked at Amazon’s ECS service? It is a Docker container service that doesn’t use Elastic Beanstalk.

    You can also install Docker on any EC2 instance.

    If you use a VPC then you can set the default tenancy to dedicated, which will result in dedicated tenancy instances being created by Beanstalk. You should be using a VPC already if you are concerned with HIPAA compliance, or if you want access to pretty much any of the new features released by Amazon in the last year.

    Also, EBS stands for Elastic Block Storage, Elastic Beanstalk is usually abbreviated EB.

    If you’d like to venture a bit more, you can also use other tools like

    1. Kubernetes
    2. Apache Mesos
    3. RancherOS

    For a more comprehensive list of Docker/Container related projects you can see this post:

    How to scale Docker containers in production

    You can run them all in EC2 with VPC, also using dedicated tenancy if you’d like to.

    Docker will be the best open platform for developers and sysadmins to build, ship, and run distributed applications.