Elastic Beanstalk with multiple environments and URL routing between them

I’m trying to get started with creating a website with a few Docker microservices using Amazon Web Services. These services should all reside under the same domain, so i want something like:

  • domain.com/search to point to my Search service.
  • domain.com/auth to point to my Authentication service.
  • domain.com/static to point to a bucket of static files.
  • domain.com to point to /static/index.html (which implements an AngularJS app).

(note: everything under the mentioned directories should also point to the particular service, ie. /search/autocomplete points to Search).

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  • Search and Authentication should both have load balancing independent of each other. These services each implement a web-api in Python/Falcon, and the containers are set up to listen on port 80 using a webserver embedded in the container.

    I would also like to have Search be able to invoke Authentication.

    I’m very confused as how to go about this. I’m not even sure Elastic Bealstalk is the right tool to use, so i was hoping to be pointed in the right direction. Thank you.

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