elastic beanstalk can not find Dockerfile

When using eb CLI

eb init
eb create

i get an error:

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  • ERROR: [Instance: i-003165df12360a5c4] Command failed on instance. Return code: 1 Output: Dockerfile and Dockerrun.aws.json are both missing, abort deployment.

    It seems like the ZIP file sent to the S3 indeed only contains README.md file. but the local folder does contain the Dockerfile and

    eb local run 

    seems to work fine.

    Any ideas?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “elastic beanstalk can not find Dockerfile”

    Seems to be solved.
    After removing “.git” folder “eb create” worked.
    Seems like a bug in elastic beanstalk as i don’t see why the existents of a subfolder should prevent eb from zipping the files in the directory…

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