ECS updating service with same tasks but different docker image

I am an issue that either I do not understand well or something weird happening with aws ecs service.

I update my code, create a new docker image and push it to be deployed using ECS. The issue is, when the task definition does not changes, the code does not get deployed, even though the image in ECR got updated. How can get my code deployed then? I am assuming that when the image has changed, the services is run the already registered tasks which should pull the image right?

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  • Example of commands I run

    aws ecs register-task-definition --cli-input-json file:///deploy/tasks/my-task-definition.json
    aws ecs update-service --service my-service --cluster my-clusdter --task-definition my-task-defintion

    The first time I run these commands, the code is deployed, if I update my code, push the new image to the Registry, then run these commands, my code does not get deployed.

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