ECONNREFUSED for Postgres on nodeJS with dockers

I’m building an app running on NodeJS using postgresql.
I’m using SequelizeJS as ORM.
To avoid using real postgres daemon and having nodejs on my own device, i’m using containers with docker-compose.

when I run docker-compose up
it starts the pg database

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    and the nodejs server.
    but the server can’t connect to database.

    Error: connect ECONNREFUSED 127.0.01:5432

    If I try to run the server without using containers (with real nodejs and postgresd on my machine) it works.

    But I want it to work correctly with containers. I don’t understand what i’m doing wrong.

    here is the docker-compose.yml file

      image: node
      command: npm start
        - "8000:4242"
        - db
      working_dir: /src
        SEQ_DB: mydatabase
        SEQ_USER: username
        SEQ_PW: pgpassword
        PORT: 4242
        DATABASE_URL: postgres://username:pgpassword@
        - ./:/src
      image: postgres
      - "5432:5432"
        POSTGRES_USER: username
        POSTGRES_PASSWORD: pgpassword

    Could someone help me please?

    (someone who likes docker 🙂 )

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  • One Solution collect form web for “ECONNREFUSED for Postgres on nodeJS with dockers”

    Your DATABASE_URL refers to, which is the loopback adapter (more here). This means “connect to myself”.

    When running both applications (without using Docker) on the same host, they are both addressable on the same adapter (also known as localhost).

    When running both applications in containers they are not both on localhost as before. Instead you need to point the web container to the db container’s IP address on the docker0 adapter – which docker-compose sets for you.


    DATABASE_URL: postgres://username:pgpassword@


    DATABASE_URL: postgres://username:pgpassword@db:5432/mydatabase

    This works thanks to Docker links: the web container has a file (/etc/hosts) with a db entry pointing to the IP that the db container is on. This is the first place a system (in this case, the container) will look when trying to resolve hostnames.

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