EC2 Instances – Are they Just Containers

I’m so confused.

I created an EC2 Instance. So this isn’t a “Host”? It’s a container instance? I’m confused then if that’s the case. Then what’s the host for the images or how does this work? I pulled an image from docker hub to it, pushed the image to the AWS registry, and then now what? I want to run a container to run my app…so this “EC2 Instance” IS the container image? And there is no real “Host” virtual server here?

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  • So looking at the way Docker works, what’s the Host and what’s the container with EC2? Are the “EC2 Instances” the containers in the below diagram I got from a book about docker?

    enter image description here

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    EC2 instance is a virtual machine running on a physical host. If you want to run a container, make sure docker is installed on your instance, and run your docker commands.

    Docker host is your EC2 instance.

    Last time I’ve checked Amazon would’t let you provision just a single container. You’ll need to provision the whole EC2 instance and then start the container within it as you will do within your own desktop.

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