EC2 Container Service Networking

My team is exploring different toolsets (Docker Datacenter, DC/OS, etc.) for a CaaS Platform offering. We’re currently looking at Amazon EC2 Container Service (ECS) as a possible solution, but are having trouble translating our docker-compose files into ECS tasks.

Specifically, we’re not sure how to approach networking within a task in ECS. I was under the impression that a task was sort of analogous to a compose, but it seems to handle networking in a very different way.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “EC2 Container Service Networking”

    ECS supports docker compose style container deployment using

    Please refer to the following documenation

    The example you have shared uses docker networking, which was added to docker in 1.9.
    Amazon ECS still does not support docker networking options when defining tasks, so you will not get the example to work as is.

    Of course you can redefine the task and use legacy docker link features to open access between containers.

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