Dynamically get a running container name created by docker-compose

When I run my docker-compose, it creates a web container and postgres container.

I want to manually trigger my Django tests to run, via something like

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    the problem with this is it creates a new container (requiring new migrations to be applied, housekeeping work, etc.)

    The option I’m leaning towards it doing something like

    docker exec -i -t <containerid> python manage.py test

    This introduces a new issue which is that I must run docker ps first to grab the container name. The whole point of this is to automatically run the tests for each build so it has to be automated, manually running docker ps is not a solution.

    So is there a way to dynamically grab the container id or is there a better way to do this? This would not be an issue if you could assign container names in docker-compose

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    Just use docker-compose exec. It will execute in the already-running container instead of starting a new one.

    docker-compose exec web python manage.py test

    You can assign a name to a container using container_name option on docker-compose.yml file.

    container_name: container_name

    Then, you can easily run commands in that container using.

    docker exec container_name python manage.py test.

    For more information about docker-compose options, visit the official documentation.


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