Dokku/Docker deploying apps fails

Docker noob here so bear with me.

I have a VPS with dokku configured, it has multiple apps already running.
I am trying to add a fairly complex app at present. But docker just fails with the following error.

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    From what I understand I need to update the packages the error is given. Problem is they are needed by some other module and I cant update it. Is a way to make docker bypass the warning and build.

    Following is the content of my docker

    FROM mhart/alpine-node:6
    # Create app dir
    RUN mkdir -p /app
    WORKDIR /app
    # Install dependancy
    COPY package.json /app
    RUN npm install
    # Bundle the app
    COPY . /app
    EXPOSE 9337
    CMD ["npm", "start"]

    Been trying this for a couple of days not with no success.
    Any help greatly appreciated


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  • One Solution collect form web for “Dokku/Docker deploying apps fails”

    I believe npm process get killed with error 137 on docker is usually caused by out of memory error. You can try adding swap file (or add more RAM) to test this.

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