Does the Docker RPM require additional dependencies?

I couldn’t find an answer online, help would be appreciated.

I have downloaded the Docker RPM for CentOS 7 from their site (

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  • After installing the RPM, does Docker require any additional dependencies in order to run? Or is the standalone RPM enough?

    I’m asking because it takes time to bring external files into my company’s network. So I’d like to know in advance all of the dependencies (RPMs or other files) I need to bring into the network, along with the Docker RPM, so I can do it all at once.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Does the Docker RPM require additional dependencies?”

    It has a lot of dependencies.

    You can use a tool call repotrack to download the Docker Engine RPM and all of it’s dependencies.

    repotrack docker-engine

    There’s a similar tool out there called yumdownloader, it won’t work for your use case because it only downloads the rpms needed for the specific Centos/RHEL server that you run the command on. Repotrack downloads all, not taking into account what is already installed on the system.

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