Does Docker USER source .bashrc before running commands?

I have a Docker file where I’m running along the lines of:

FROM centos:6.7
RUN useradd -ms /bin/bash my_user \
 && echo "my_user:docker" | chpasswd \
 && echo "my_user ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL" >> /etc/sudoers \
 && chown my_user:my_user /home/my_user \
 && chmod 755 /home/my_user \
 && mkdir -p /home/my_user/.ssh
RUN echo "export HELLO=WORLD" >> /home/my_user/.bashrc
USER my_user
ENV FLASK_APP=/path/to/my/
CMD ["flask", "run", "--host", ""]

The Flask server, upon getting the correct web request, simply executes the following:

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  • procedure = subprocess.Popen("/my/cool/program", shell=False)

    However, the program fails to find the HELLO environment variable. When I force the environment into the command by doing

    env_dict = {
        'HELLO': 'WORLD'
    procedure = subprocess.Popen("/my/cool/program", shell=False, env=env_dict)

    It works without issue. This is making me believe that the issue is that when docker runs the CMD as the user selected with USER, it doesn’t first source that’s user’s environment properly.

    Is that true? If so, is there any good way around it? I’d like to avoid double declaring all my env variables in both the .bashrc and in the Flask app.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Does Docker USER source .bashrc before running commands?”

    Try running it with bash as your command:

    CMD ["bash", "-c", "flask run --host"]
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