docker's VOLUME isn't mounting host files

I have this docker file:

FROM node:0.10.38
VOLUME /opt/build
WORKDIR /opt/build
CMD node app.js

However, when I got to run the container, I get the error that app.js does not exist, specifically /opt/build/app.js does not exist. I’ve also tried ADD and COPY to do this, both say it can’t find anything, and I’d like to use VOLUME so it writes to the host’s log that is also in /opt/build. All desired files are in fact on the host as well. By the way, I’m using coreos as the host OS.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “docker's VOLUME isn't mounting host files”

    As documented in

    The VOLUME Dockerfile command is equivalent to -v /opt/build (“Adding a data volume”), not equivalent to -v /opt/build:/opt/build (“Mount a Host Directory as a Data Volume”); the latter is what you want here.

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