Dockerfile for PHP service

I need to create a Dockerfile for my php service. I just tried many options found in web, and none work correctly. I have simple PHP project in /home/karol/docker-file/service/start.php. Really important for me. Thanks in advance.

Currently looking like this:

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  • FROM php:5.6-apache
    COPY  ./ /var/www/html/
    WORKDIR /usr/src/service
    CMD [ "php", "./requestdispatcher.php" ]

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Dockerfile for PHP service”


    FROM php:5.6-cli
    COPY  /home/karol/docker-file/service /usr/src/service
    WORKDIR /usr/src/service
    CMD [ "php", "./start.php" ]

    Build docker image

    docker build -t imagename .

    Run container

    docker run -it –rm –name conatainername imagename

    When running as a service

    FROM php:5.6-apache
    COPY  /home/karol/docker-file/service /var/www/html/

    Build Image

    docker build -t imagename .

    Run Container

    docker run -d -p 8080:80 –name conatainername imagename

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