Docker won't change VHD location

So I am running on win10 with Hyper-V.

Docker is currently using a harddrive instance thats stored on my C drive (which is an ssd with very little space) I want it on my sshd which is my D drive.

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  • The following is what I tried and has failed, because it looks like Docker just jumps back to its default every time.

    • change is using the docker interface in the advance section (to a copy of the vhdx file in the d drive)
    • changing it manually in the hyperv manager by having it migrate the harddrive to a new location

    As well as other variations where I restart my computer after doing these.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Docker won't change VHD location”

    Use docker > settings > advanced > change vhd location. Notice, you should select an empty directory instead of copy the VHD file by yourself.

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