Docker + Weave dns not resolving on other host

I’m running docker and weave/weavedns, i’m having trouble connecting between the two hosts.

I’m running a container on host1, its pingable and the hostname resolves locally.

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  • On host2, i can ping the container, but not resolve by its hostname. The weave logs indicate that the two hosts are definitely connected. The weavedns logs show ….

    INFO: 2015/02/25 10:06:19.544828 [dns msgid 31446] No results for type A query rabbitmq01.weave.local.
    DEBUG: 2015/02/25 10:06:19.545426 Query: {Name:rabbitmq01.weave.local. Qtype:1 Qclass:1}
    DEBUG: 2015/02/25 10:06:19.545593 [mdns msgid 45925] No local answer for mDNS query rabbitmq01.weave.local.

    … when I try to ping the hostname.

    I’ve double checked that there is no IP conflicts on the weave network and the hosts are on the same subnet

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