Docker Weave and WeaveDNS issues

I’m having an issue with setting up weaveDNS on a small weave network that I have running on my local machine.

For now the problem manifests itself in the fact that when I run ‘weave status’ I’m not seeing a DNS section in the output (as its suggested in the Troubleshooting section of

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  • I’m running 4 containers. weave ps output is:

    c1d106ed5717 c2:ce:53:49:98:f6  
    8f01765b2ba6 ba:2e:c3:4b:8f:8f  
    0d824d914383 ae:95:28:db:95:18  
    6cf985b91e9a 12:82:31:c2:b4:49  
    b43f86e9fb51 d6:2e:d4:6a:09:dc ****  
    2847dd89e90d be:8b:d5:74:07:94

    The highlighted container ( is the weaveDNS container. The final container (2847dd89e90d) is the Weave router container.

    I’m starting containers with:

    sudo weave run --with-dns -h service.weave.local --name service service_img_name 

    Does anyone have an idea why weave status is not showing a DNS section?
    If you need me to give you additional info on the Weave setup, please let me know.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Docker Weave and WeaveDNS issues”

    Are you using a release version (0.9.0 at time of writing) of weave?

    $ sudo weave version
    weave script 0.9.0
    weave router 0.9.0
    weave DNS 0.9.0
    weave tools 0.9.0

    If so the problem is that the documentation tracks current master, not the latest release – inclusion of weaveDNS status output in weave status is a post-0.9.0 feature. I’ve raised an issue to support versioning of docs to avoid this problem in future.

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