Docker Volumes not mounted after host reboot

I start various docker containers through docker-compose up -d and they all have the restart always flags enabled.

When I reboot the host machine (Windows 10 Pro), the containers restart but it appears the volumes are not mounted. I know this because I keep the config files on the mounted volume and the services bring up the initial setup screen when I go to the webpages, plex for example does the starting new server. When I run docker-compose stop, and then docker-compose up -d they have the volumes mounted and are using the correct config files. Is there a difference between how the containers get started on a restart versus docker-compose up?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Docker Volumes not mounted after host reboot”

    For host-mounted volumes, it’s a known problem that the volumes are not available immediately after restart:

    I recommend using non-host mounted volumes or other workarounds.

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