Docker volume on external hard drive

I’m using a postgres image to run a container locally.
I need to process a significant amount of data and I want to use an external hard drive for this. Is it possible to mount a volume on an external hard drive? Can I accomplish what I want with Flocker?

I’m using native docker for mac.

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    Mount the external drive on your mac, and then go to the Docker icon -> preferences -> file sharing. Add your drive path to that list. Then when you do a docker run -v /path/to/drive:/target myimage it will mount your drive into your container (at /target in that example).

    In Docker-for-mac, open up the preferences pane. Click on “File Sharing”.

    You can add the path to your external hard drive there, probably something like /Volumes/Drive.

    You’ll then be able to use that location as a host volume.

    docker run -v /Volumes/Drive/mypostgresdata:/var/lib/postgresql/data --name some-postgres -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=mysecretpassword -d postgres
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