Docker-swarm error: read-only file system

I have been trying to set up swarm using docker-machine. I created a swarm of three VMs using virtualbox driver (swarm-master, swarm-node-00, swarm-node-01) using docker-hub token.
Here is the info:

 [peeyush@localhost ~]$ $(docker-machine_linux-amd64 env --swarm swarm-master)
[peeyush@localhost ~]$ docker info
Containers: 6
Nodes: 3
  └ Containers: 2
  └ Reserved CPUs: 0 / 4
  └ Reserved Memory: 0 B / 999.9 MiB
  └ Containers: 1
  └ Reserved CPUs: 0 / 4
  └ Reserved Memory: 0 B / 999.9 MiB
  └ Containers: 3
  └ Reserved CPUs: 0 / 4
  └ Reserved Memory: 0 B / 999.9 MiB

Now, the when I try to run a container using this swarm, I get this error:

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  • [peeyush@localhost ~]$ docker run busybox echo "Hello World"
    FATA[0029] Error response from daemon: Error pulling image (latest) from busybox, Mktemp failed: mkdir /mnt/sda1/var/lib/docker/graph/_tmp/2385573d8527cb02322beb23238c3d4bb1e35d4d6eec42ad0daa43b51a825eef: read-only file system 

    Could you please help me figure out, what exactly is wrong here?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Docker-swarm error: read-only file system”

    This happens when the docker cannot allocate enough/any diskspace to build/run your image. It can happen while building or while running. Is your disk full? or do you need to sudo to run docker?

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